Keegan Carlson

Phoenix-based filmmaker Keegan Carlson is in his final year at Arizona State University concluding his Bachelor’s emphasis in motion picture directing after completing the Scottsdale Film School in 2018. His interest in the human connection and relationships produce unique character-driven stories filled with detailed art direction and visual essence. His passion for photography started at an early age when traveling with his family, which has continued into recent years. In 2018, Keegan won “Best Director” for his film ​Lemonade​ at the Scottsdale Short Film Festival and was an official selection for the Phoenix Film Festival.

Recent Projects...

Together We Unite | BLACK LIVES MATTER

"Waiting for what comes next, I too can relate to feeling frozen and in this time of sorrow and pain I wanted to do what I could to create an emotionally impactful message. While there are many unanswered questions, inventively things will return but when they do what is going to be the lasting thing we remember? Honored to collaborate with distinguished composer DBR, I become overwhelmed with emotion realizing the lives and families touched all over the world. While there’s not much I can do, I hope this message and reminder to think about how you treat other people inspires you to hold your hand out to people in need and share compassion." 
 - Keegan

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