A little about Keegan...

Phoenix-based filmmaker Keegan Carlson is in his final year at Arizona State University concluding his Bachelor’s emphasis in motion picture directing after completing the Scottsdale Film School in 2018. His interest in the human connection and relationships produce unique character-driven stories filled with detailed art direction and visual essence. His passion for photography started at an early age when traveling with his family, which has continued into recent years. In 2018, Keegan won “Best Director” for his film ​Lemonade​ at the Scottsdale Short Film Festival and was an official selection for the Phoenix Film Festival.

Lights, camera, action! 

The origin of Keegans creative career lies in his ultimate passion for filmmaking. Ever since childhood when he would shoot home videos with his brother, the desire to create stories that make you feel something feeds his never ending creativity. Recently, Keegans work focuses on telling stores about the human experience and connections between people for both narrative and documentary projects. Click here to see his films. 

Creative Powerhouse

In addition to being a director Keegan uses a culmination of knowledge to produce, write, edit, color, and distribute projects with his production company K.C.Cinema. His expertise extends into even more specialized disciples such as art direction, music production, sound design, graphic design, virtual production, and more. 

Photography to last a lifetime 

For over 8 years Key Images Photography has worked with hundreds of families and individuals to capture the most special moments in life. What makes Keegans photography stand out is how incredibly personal and raw it feels; with his film background, he uses the same techniques to deliver exceptional images that feel candid and cinematic. Plus once a client, always a client with Key Images meaning you will always have access to our printing lab, online archive, and custom photobooks.  We proudly deliver the highest quality, archival grade, prints and products available in the industry. To view Key Images galleries click here. 

Quality content for your business

When small businesses look for commercial photography or video they often get taken advantage of by large agencies that consistently overcharge and underdeliver. Realizing these shortcomings, Keegan acts as a middle ground option between doing it yourself and hiring an expensive company. Keegan thrives at working closely with small business owners to not only create quality content, but assist in essential business operations. 

Embracing the future 

Theres nothing more exciting than getting to work with the latest technology and applying it to projects in ways that has never been done before. From projection mapping, 360 degree film capture, and cinematic pre-visualization Keegan looks for these opportunities to challenge himself and enhance his creative practice. THE GRAND is a new augmented reality experience that artfully blends breathtaking never before seen visuals and lively music that you can only witness in person. For more information about THE GRAND click here. 

Always ambitious...

On top of all these creative projects Keegan is somewhat of a cereal entrepreneur; continually striving to develop new businesses and incorporate his artistic talents in innovative ways. In 2018 he was a co-founder for the start up business “The True Union Project”, an online management platform for wedding and event vendors. The business was recognized from the ASU Venture Devils program and received $8,500 in start up funds. 

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