While Keegan is attached to many creative projects, his ultimate passion is in film directing. From an early age, he would create home movies and always be thinking of a story to tell. Originally a mechanical engineering major, Keegan made the change to film directing to pursue his passion directing and creating films. After graduating from the Scottsdale Film School and winning best director for his short film Lemonade at the Scottsdale Short Film Fest, he moved to Arizona State University to complete his bachelor's in film directing. At the end of his senior year he had written and directed one of his largest projects to date, Cone 10, a short film about a pharmaceutical creativity substance. Since graduating in 2020, Keegan has worked on several documentary projects, short films, and works as a freelance filmmaker in Phoenix, Arizona working with businesses and artists. 


Cone 10 

High and Dry

Mon Amour



2020 | Artist of the Year | ASU Presidents Office 

2018 | Best Director for "Lemonade" | Scottsdale Short Film Fest

2014 | Best Movie Trailer | Peoria Unified Film Festival 

2014 | Best PSA | Peoria Unified Film Festival 

2012 | ATV PSA | 

2012 | 1st Place | MADD Video Contest 



2020 | Batchelor of Arts, Film Directing | Arizona State University | Magnum Cum Laude

2018 | Certificate of Completion Scottsdale Film School | Scottsdale Community College | Graduate with Honors

2018 | Associate in Science | Scottsdale Community College | Graduate with Honors


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