Inspired by the moving K-9 Courage exhibition at the 9/11 memorial museum in New York City, Pup Portraits capture your best friend in a cinematic and heartfelt way. 

These portraits are an artistic glimpse into your furry friends life and approached in a way that celebrates their loyalty and friendship. 
We want to get to know your dogs personality and work with you to capture their genuine self through the lens.  

Whether your dog is a puppy or senior, there is no better way to capture their authentic personality in a timeless piece of art to enjoy forever. 


“As someone who never experienced having a dog growing up, I honestly can’t imagine my life without one now. The amount of love and companionship my muffin Koda and Rhowen brings me is unimaginable and my life feels so much more fulfilled. Dogs are the purest form of companionship and I am just so excited to meet you and your best friend to create moving portraits that you will cherish forever.” 


What to Expect

Pup Portraits are meant to be shot in your home or a familiar environment that your four legged friend loves. That spot in the afternoon sun by the window or that same spot on the porch they lay and watch the world go by is perfect. Really, anything that is meaningful to your dog works best. 

Expect to shoot for several hours as working with animals can sometimes be challenging - you know your dog and their personality best. 
Once we shoot your images will be ready in 10 days.



Within Phoenix metro area. $50 additional for locations outside of that area.  

-1 hour shoot
-4 fully edited high resolution images (color and black/white versions for a total of 8 files) 


Ready to create something special with your pup? Say hey and tell me about your four legged friend! 

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